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Artificial Intelligence:
The new secret top agents are using to dominate markets.
Conference Date: November 21st, 2019

Attention Real Estate Professionals!!
Join us and learn how to leverage artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies; doubling your production, lowering your costs and building a scalable business.
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This Is What's Happening
How to leverage artificial intelligence and cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies to double your production, lower your costs and build a scalable business in the new era of real estate.
AI is here and it is changing the way we do business. We will uncover three simple strategies you can use to allow AI to capture, convert, and close more leads using our cutting edge database-marketing strategies.

Uncover what the Top 1% of brokers, team leaders, and agents are doing to "make it rain" and keep their costs down.  

Learn little known but highly effective sales strategies to convert today's buyer and seller. You will learn five unique value propositions that top agents use in their marketing and sales processes that get consumers to choose them over the competition.
Sales & Marketing that works! 
Your ability to attract and convert more clients and get more referrals is the single most important skill, yet most real estate professionals are going about it all wrong. Even high-converting agents will be shocked by what they'll learn.
Agents need to reposition themselves to last through changes and thrive. This event will give you the step-by-step game plan to do that. No more waking up wondering where your next deal is going to come from. 
Too many agents find themselves running on the transaction treadmill with inconsistent results. Break through the barriers that limit your income potential and free yourself to do the things you want to do. 
Follow a wealth-creation blueprint that mega agents have used to change their lives and create a powerful exit strategy.

Get ahead of the industry!
Learn why these industry professionals, are so excited about the systems and plans that are shared in the Crush It Events. They've seen first hand how these principles have helped real estate agents excel and prosper; achieving a WHOLE NEW TRAJECTORY!
Hear From Amazing People Who Came To Previous Events
Whether you're new, growing, or looking for a new strategy this event is for you…
... The most engaging 
and informative event I have ever attended. Pat breaks down the clutter and confusion of technology and marketing. This event has changed how I run my business..."
- Jason Brown
Danville, CA
...What I LOVED about
Crush It was walking away with concrete strategies that convert to more closed transactions. Absolutely a must attend event if you want to win in the new era of real estate..."
- Mauri Tamborra
Denver, CO
...I recommend Crush It
to anyone that is serious about real estate. This event was a big part of how I got $50 million in personal production..."
- Ryan Chiodo
Naples, FL
More Great Benefits
       Pat Fenton, learn from the best...
  • 20 years of experience coaching real estate agents
  • Partnered with top agents to leverage proven strategies
  • Delivers actionable content to ensure your success 
Learn New Strategies
You will have access to the most elite strategies that less than 1% of agents are capitalizing on now.
Make More Money
 You will make more money faster, and with less headache.
Reach More People
You will Impact a lot more people.
P.S. Don't Forget Your Special Bonus
By signing up, you'll get access to 24 Homeseller Education videos; professionally designed so you can use in automated lead nurturing and follow-up campaigns. 
  • Proven to convert the leads in your database
  • User-friendly platform
  • Can be customized to your practice
Conference Details
Date: November 21st, 2019
Time: 8:00 am - 9:00 am | Breakfast & Registration 
            9:00 am - 12:30 pm | Event 
Location: Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse St. Denver, CO